Tuesday, August 17, 2010

cute award!

I laughed when I got this cute award from my bloggy friend Cris because she is the one who designs my blog =) but I appreciate that she thinks it's awesome haha! I few blogs i think are awe are :

  • Marine Wife Unplugged
  • The Sand is Different here


  1. NO WAY!!!!

    My jaw just hit the floor! (I didn't even know it could DO that!)

    Thank you!!


  2. I agree that your blog is awesome! I'll have to check out the two you awarded... I don't think I've visited them before? ♥

  3. I never know if I should reply to blog comments on my own blog or yours, so I'm here to do it, lol... YES I'M MOVING TO JACKSONVILLE IN 3 WEEKS! Well, Emerald Isle. Joshua is stationed at Lejeune. We'll have to meet up!!

    And wedding planning for me is the same as it is for you... I'm in the burn out phase, waiting for my love to get home. This weekend my girls are coming up to get fitted for bridesmaids dresses though, so hopefully that will get me back in the mood! ♥