Tuesday, September 7, 2010

the talk

So I talked it out with my Dad, he saw where I was coming from, agreed completely, but said that he could not just sit and wonder if he cut his brother off if that would leave him under a bridge somewhere to live a life of begging or to die. ( in Jackson its common for bums to live under bridges, beg for money, and harass you at red lights)  SO with that being said I told my Dad I was never going to be within a 50 foot radius of my uncle and that I never wanted to hear his name mentioned again, Dad said he understood and that was that. Will it continue to tick me off? oh sure..  But its not my call to make I guess, I did what I could and now I'm putting the drama and bull shit that is my uncle behind me! Thanks for the ear/advice gals!

Monday, September 6, 2010

Substance Abuser

Oooooh bloggers, I have been dealing with family drama that I have no answer to! My uncle ( my Dads brother) is an alcoholic and has been for 30 years, He has 3 daughters and my aunt left him about 20 years ago because he was maxing out her credit cards to gamble. 2 of his 3 daughters no longer speak to him, he is my Dads baby brother and my father has ALWAYS done done done for him, out of college my Dad started his own oil company and employed his brother but after my aunt left him my uncle quit working and started wasting his life away...
But here is where the problem begins to effect me. The daughter, my cousin, that DOES still talk to him is my best friend, we are only 1 year apart and have always been close, she calls me crying about his drunken rants etc etc all the time, and it gets more complicated my Dad- is his enabler. He pays all his bills ( my uncle has not had a job in years) cell phone, internet, bought his car,  and obviously if my Dad is giving him $$$ then my uncle is buying alcohol with it. The problem lies (OBVIOUSLY #1 with my uncle) but a close #2 is my Dad. He evens goes as far as to pay my uncles child support to my aunt so she doesn't throw him in jail!!! (all the while my dad is calling my aunt a bitch) It has gotten my father and I in numerous fights because its not right. Its not fair that my uncle is getting away with this lifestyle. I have always grown up being taught that when you make poor decisions YOU have to pay the price, so why is my Dad allowing a double standard for his brother? I often tell my Dad how would he feel if my husband treated me and my preverbial 3 daughters the way my uncle behaves? Because it is my Dads brother he is unwilling to see, or admit that his brother is using him! My brother and I were raised that if you are going to have children you have a moral and financial responsibility to them, my brother is an upstanding, contributer to society, he is a surgeon married to a pharmacist, I am in my last yer of nursing school and married a Marine, I don't understand why my father holds his own children to a "provide for your family" standard yet allows my uncle to skip out on BASIC adult responsiblities?!?!?!
Today I am going to talk to my Dad and tell him that I want nothing to do with my uncle anymore, nor do I want to hear the excuses my Dad continuously makes for him. My uncle is brazan and bold about how my dad pays for everything, he often makes jokes about "its funny how everything always works out for me" or "hey, I just mixed a drink in your driveway, hope you dont mind" UH YEAH I MIND ALOT! I need some help bloggers HOW DO I GET MY DAD TO STOP ENABLING MY UNCLE?!?!?!?!?! it is tearing my family apart!

Monday, August 30, 2010

if you had $30,000

If you had $30,000 fall into your lap(ah, how nice) how would you spend it? you cannot save it, and you cannot solely use it to pay off debt....

I would use the 1st $20,000 to buy my husband a new (less gas guzzling) SUV, The hubs badly wants the GMC Terrain, it gets 32 MPG.... compared to the 15 he gets now:
I would use the next $4,000 on braces, my teeth drive me CRAZY! and I cannot wait to get braces (though I worry my hubby will find them ugly, but hey, its only a year):
And lastly (and most vainly I will admit) I would get implants with the last $6,000, I realize not all women are a fan, but thats why we each have our own body!
These are not my boobs! -Thank you Google

Sunday, August 29, 2010

Highly Recommended Watch!

  On Animal Planet @ 9:00 TONIGHT!

Thursday, August 26, 2010


When I was in college, @ Mississippi State University, I was a member a of a sorority, Zeta Tau Alpha, My (real) little sister,Emily, was also a ZTA while she was in college!  Since today is my sorority little sis's birthday I felt like it was a good time to share my sorority life with you all! and a happy birthday to Allison =)

My Sorority House (winter)

My Sorority House (summer)

My Badge
Our Crest

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Wordless Wednesday++++

An Oldie but a Goodie!
 Back when my husband was in BCT we found the 13 weeks of nothing but snail mail border line intolerable, so within week 2 we came up with this thing where on the back of the letter you would trace your hand and draw a heart in it, so when the other person received the letter you placed your hand on top and it was our way of holding hands through snail mail, it has now progressed to tracing the heart in your hand and clinching it tight - its how we "hold hands" from 800+ miles away. Whenever we're lonely, or miss that person, or stressed, it kinda grounds you back to what matters. Ha, I dunno I guess its our corny "thing"

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

not too busy

So i am def. not too busy to thank Cris, again, for being so patient and awesome in helping me with my blog! *HUGS*
I am also not too busy for a short VENT- GRRRR DISTANCE, seriously I know I am going to sound ridiculous cause its only been one month, but it feels like 4 x that long since I have seen my husband =(  I know I know there are so many people doing deployments right now, and my heart goes out to you all!

plate just too full!

Readers I apologize for my lack of posting this week, I have a test Wednesday ( my first of the semester ) and I feel like I just can't study enough for it!!!!!! Keep me in your prayers! Also I have a Math test on Thursday, can you feel my anxiety and stress through the computer?.... If I can get through this week passing both will be THE BEST feeling of accomplishment!

Sunday, August 22, 2010

Printing ...

UGH ok so I have to print 200+ pages of notes for school and here is the problem, though I have a printer I dont have the ink or paper to do it or even all the programs (Works, Office, Word) to open them! @ school they charge you 10 cents a page to print...  its stressing me out bc I know I need the notes. Anyone have any experience with Kinkos?

Does anyone know?

I know military members themselves can get lasik eye surgery and the cost is covered 100% but does anyone know what the spouse coverage is if any?  I am like legally blind , and the cost of buying contacts is getting old! It would be so nice to get up in the morning and actually SEE, or to not have to deal with the irritation that contacts cause my eyes!

Thursday, August 19, 2010


well so my friend blocked my husbands ex(THE BAGGAGE) on facebook! so now I SHOULD be away from her crazy ass drama! Husband was SO happy cause I am sure he was sick of hearing me bitch about it haha! Thank you all so much for your support!

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

When will it end?!?!?!?!

"The Baggage" strikes again..... I blocked her on my facebook but we have a friend in common, so I found out that The Baggage ,whom we will refer to as TB, posted yet another lovely melo-dramatic "status" update through our friend. They typically dont leave much to the imagination for example this one was this weekend's

" When you hold resentment toward another, you are bound to that person or condition by an emotional link that is stronger than steel. Forgiveness is the only way to dissolve that link and get free."    

Then today there was this "status" update :

"obedience to God in a difficult situation will ultimately bear fruit, even though it looks like it might immediately cause hardship" 

I must say this one has me perplexed. I don't quite get the message she is trying to send. Yet I know its directed right at my husband and I, every quote she ever posts like this is(melo dramatic, deep, searching, passive-aggressive) they are weekly,and all have one focus, US! I got off facebook for about 6 months (my hubs is not on at all) and all the status updates like this stoppped completely, then the moment I get back on FB BOOM, TN turns into a crazy DrPhil!  For once one has really gotten to me- so maybe you all can help? What should I take from this "message".....

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

cute award!

I laughed when I got this cute award from my bloggy friend Cris because she is the one who designs my blog =) but I appreciate that she thinks it's awesome haha! I few blogs i think are awe are :

  • Marine Wife Unplugged
  • The Sand is Different here

First day back...sigh....

Well today was my first day back in my last year of Nursing school- oh how I dont miss the stress and anxiety! We already have a test this Thursday!... I am so very thankful for a husband that understands why I am at defcomm level of stress! Tonight I read 137 pages of assigned reading about infants, and while very interesting 137 pages is a tad excessive for one night, in the opinion of this Marine wife! Oh and lets not forgot the 26 math equations. Let the fun begin.... I hang in there for the promises of a paycheck =)

Sunday, August 15, 2010


Ever had an ex that just wouldn't go away? I don't but my husband does. She makes these snide comments on facebook about us and HAS NOT EVEN DATED ANYONE ELSE SINCE MY HUSBAND DUMPED HER 5 YEARS AGO!!!! She caused ALOT of drama in the begining of our dating and I get crazy, rabbit boiling in the pot, stalker vibes from her.... I dunno maybe I am just fixated on the fact that its his EX which is always complicated. I wonder what he saw in her, how things were for them etc etc,mainly its just hard to know that at one point in time your husband loved another i know i know, obviously not as much or THEY would be married. Logically I know, but emotionally it still sux sometimes. It certainly doesn't help that she posts pictures of them on facebook from the past kissing, on the beach you know the usual couples stuff...., and her friends do the same. grrrr I CANNOT WAIT TO MOVE!!! It literally makes me sick to my stomach typing about it ="(

Thursday, August 12, 2010

I booked a photographer!

http://www.davidlegg.com/weddings/frame.html I love his eye for catching magical moments! It dawned on my I have never shown all my blog friends my ring!

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Wedding shower

Me and the Bride, my beautiful cousin

I am the MOH in my cousin's wedding (coming up in October) and we had her kitchen shower =) so fun! I can't wait till I rack up haha!
my other 2 cousins

my 2 other cousins, they are full blood sisters, yet look NOTHING alike- so crazy!
my aunt in pink, lovely MOB

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Husband's Birthday!

Today my husband turns 27 =) I'm so sad that I can't be there to take him to dinner and bake a cake, but regardless I would like to wish my hubs a Happy 27th Birthday!
The birthday boy with his gift!

Our Yorkie in the guitar case

Sunday, August 8, 2010

well heres how I chose to handle the "haters"

I thought about it for awhile, I have/had little to no drama in my life until milspouse.com and by me simply bringing up that some of the posting had gotten rather vile I got slammed with "We can say what we want how we want, its called free speech" bullshit, and the "I refuse to sugarcoat things, people who cant handle it should get tougher skin" First, I think both of those are lame excuses that rude, tactless people say to hide the fact that in reality they are just being a rude bitch, plane and simple. I suppose they are calling being polite, or showing restraint -"sugarcoating" their opinion. So I decided thats fine, you can continue to turn people off from this site that was originally intended to be a hub for spouses to gain information, support and friendship- none of which was occurring from these "posting bullies" but I will not be a part of it. It becomes exhausting being privately thanked for taking up for "less vocal" posters and slammed publicly by tactless posters. And since making this decision to leave a few weeks ago I have to admit I am a much happier person, all the bickering, the stories of cheating, the judging and caddyness- all out of my life now! I dont usually choose to run from things like this, but when you come to the conclusion that you are becoming less of a respectful person by stooping to their level, its time to go. I have no regrets and I hope for "newbies" concern that the site can get their act together, but I feel as long has there are the same set of stubborn posters on there, its probably won't happen for them.

Friday, August 6, 2010

Terrible weather

the past 2 days we had terrible weather, crackling lighting, booming thunder, rain so heavy you could barely see out the window! I have 2 opinions on bad weather- When I am out and about doing things I dread it, it makes moving around impossible and my hair...oh geez don't even start! (cough cough Afro) But on the other hand there are those days or nights that I get to stay in while all hell breaks loose outside, and there is something oddly peaceful about it. It almost justifies being lazy, and that was my past 2 days, doing nothing - how awesome! I made a lot of head way on the guest list to our "white wedding"- which on a totally different note- I find it so relaxing that we are already married, it makes this wedding one big celebratory party, and I look at planning in a totally different, less stressful light (that is until my mom and I bump heads against something I'm sure)

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

2 months of heaven!

More pictures from my summer with my handsome husband!
Night of bowling and booze

Monday, August 2, 2010


well I will share some pictures from my AMAZING 2 months with my husband! I will post more tomorrow!
 this RANDOM place that always lets me know I am about 2 and a half hours away from NC =)

My hubby and Dad setting up the apartment

 Eating @ Olive Garden
Beach bum
we LOVE the beach!

Friday, July 30, 2010

Here comes the rain....

...and by rain I mean tears. Today my husband drives me 14 hours home(got 9 mo left of nursing school grrr), he will be staying Saturday night cause my family is celebrating his birthday then early Sunday morning he is driving back to NC.... (deep sigh) I have loved every moment of the past 2 months with my hubby! I will miss little things like waking up in the middle of the night and feeling his warm body next to me, or just having my best friend around to share funny moments, well really any moment. Ok Ok I am going to stop being so sappy! On a fun little note I got an award from Christina @ Our Okinawa Life  Thank you so much! I am going to pass this award onto:
  • Keep calm and soilder on
  • The Sand is Different here
  • Standing by him
  • Empty Nest PCS and all the rest ( because life IS good )

Thursday, July 29, 2010

How do you handle "haters"?

On milspouse.com things have gotten extremely heated lately. There are a group of older women on there that seemed to have an agenda with younger wives.(though I think one got kicked off yesterday and another may have left) Anytime you posted your feelings as someone under 40, you got belittled, shot down, (any phrase of the type will due) I FINALLY said something about it only to get bitched at LIKE WHOA. Many posters posted back saying they agreed how negative things had become and how they had been sitting back ,idle, not posting, or even coming to the site out of fear of being attacked. I tend to be head on about things, but was surprised at how many women were sitting back (perhaps in fear) letting the cyber bullies have their way! Peeking my interest - how do you all handle "haters"

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

I'm sorry friends!

I'm sorry I have been so MIA lately! This is my last week with my husband before I go back home to finish school and I have been soak'n him up =) His 27th birthday is August 10 and since I won't be here we went yesterday and got his b-day gift! An electric guitar! ( I will post pics when I get home haha) And we had some amazing sushi, such a great day! I also wrote the Marine wife post this week for my sweet Army wife friend @ ACUs Stiletto Shoes and pretty pink TuTus

Friday, July 23, 2010

Sweet Audrey!

Audrey@ Standing by Him  has been so sweet to give me this lovely award! Thank you so much, your blog is precious!  I am supposed to tell you 7 things about myself
  1. I am a total beach bum
  2. Though I hate cold weather I am a FREAK about anything Christmas!
  3. I am obsessed with humanitarian work but finding it hard to find the TIME right now, hopefully I will have more time wen I get out of school! (haiti relief, oil spill clean up etc...)
  4. "Retail therapy" should be my middle name
  5. I have consistently terrible dreams. grrrr
  6. I am an eternal procrasinator
  7. I have to stay out of pet places bc I BEG my husband to let us get another animal ( we have 1 dog 1        cat).....   
 I am supposed to pass this on to 9 bloggers BUT I always give mine to the same people, so I am going to try and find some new blogs that i <3

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

I have a question for you all-

Now that I am married ( best thing that could ever happen to me!) and have been under the same roof as my husband for almost 2 months I have a question- How do you not let the stresses of work, or day to day stuff, become between you. This past week my husband has apparently had alot going on and it gave me a glimpse of how couples (esp military) can drift apart. So as a wife, how do you not let it get to you? or take it personally? or keep things on track, fun and loving?

Sunday, July 18, 2010

usual USMC Sunday

much like every Marine my husband HAS to get his hair cut on Sunday, when I am home I do it, always have since before he even joined (saves time and $8...gah if ONLY my haircut was $8) Other than that this lovely day included eating the BEST pizza- Micheal Angelos =) Last night we went bowling with Marines in my husbands unit, one wife was due to have her baby in 2 weeks and the other was a girlfriend and also in the Airforce. Everyone was very nice and they (baby mama excluded) drank way too much- I chose to drive and stay sober. We were out till 0100 and I gotta be honest, my married butt does not want to be out past 10-ever.... most of the guys were young (Josh is 26 and I am 25, the avg age of the guys we were with is 22) and so of course in true 22 year old fashion they were all about getting "hammered" ... The hubs and I just couldn't hang. We decided this morning that we were set on the going out and getting drunk for AWHILE. We just don't have it in us anymore to drink alot, or stay out late- we both did our fair share of partying in college- consider our "wild oats" well sewn.

Friday, July 16, 2010

today is huge!!!

We are going to Navy Fed to apply for our 1st ever loan!!! I am super nervous! After doing some research we are hoping to get a loan  @ 11.75 % interest, we have up to 60 months to pay it back ( though it won't take us half that long it was nice to have the comfort) I am border line freakin out so if anyone has any advice they would like to share that would be so awesome!

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

i hate to run...

I am not a runner, i hate it. It borders on painful for me, but for whatever reason it's something I really wish I was good at. My husband, still in physical therapy for a shattered ankle (6 months ago), can STILL run 5 miles!Before the shattered ankle he could run 13 freakin miles! His PT told him he should work on jogging at home. So we went and I feel so embarassed that after 2 min of jogging I was winded... I was holding my husband back. I felt so out of shape, so lazy. I just dont get it. Am I not breathing right? do I have bad form? whats the freakin problem? I am literally ashamed at how out of breath and slow I am... uggggh. Acknowledging it makes me feel like a loser, ha but I'm gonna work on it!

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

don't know where it came from...

but I have a LOVE for Chinese art, random I know. But yesterday began my quest on ebay for a few original pieces of Chinese watercolors. It seriously was all I could think about last night when trying to fall asleep. I also woke up with a terrible ear ache, sore throat and swollen right lymph node- what the hell is goin on with me? Tonight I am taking a sleep aid definitely!

Monday, July 12, 2010

my beach day!

omg so perfect! Turned out perfect that we didn't go on Saturday, Sunday was the PERFECT day for the beach- not a cloud in the sky! I got so much sun (the hubs may have gotten a little too much sun)! My lungs got a mega work out from blowing up rafts. Came home, ate pizza, watched a little HGTV together, hubs watched re-run of the World Cup final, then he fell asleep and I watched Army Wives (next week is gonna be a MAJOR tear jerker!!!!) Then I went to sleep as well, lately I have been grinding my teeth at night and always wake up with a headache. I tried the mouth piece and that was a no-go. So if anyone has a remedy PLEASE make me aware! As I type this I am also watching Regis & Kelly. Just sayin...they are so adorable!

Saturday, July 10, 2010

my Saturday plans vs. his

well my intentions for our saturday were to go to the beach. The husband's plan? stay home & be lazy, play Guitar Hero & watch recorded episodes of "Top Shot" and "American Choppers". So thats what we've done. (yawn) but tomorrow is def our beach day. The hubs got lucky that NC weather is so randomly crappy-, the weather man SAID thunderstorms after 3pm today, leaving me all for staying in and being lazy- but to be honest it doesnt look like its going to rain, it is ever so slightly overcast- my luck TOMORROW, MY BEACH DAY, will be the day that it storms. Happy Saturday!

Thursday, July 8, 2010

I'm baaaaaaaaaack!

got the hubby moved in, and I'm actually staying with him (@ Camp Lejeune) the rest of the summer! YAAAAAAAAAAAAY!Been here 3 weeks and have 4 more to go! gonna try and read up on my fellow bloggers and see what I've missed! I would love to post pics of our move in and everything but I forgot my cord to load the pics (grrr) but I promise to post everything when I go back home to finish school ( which I dont even want to begin to think about yet) hope everyone is doing well! *HUGS*

Saturday, June 19, 2010


June 23rd at 3:00 ( 1500) I lost my sister Emily, who was 1 yr younger than me, to a car accident 3 yrs ago. She was my very best friend and I won't elaborate on the entire hell I went through when it happened just yet. (mostly bc I am exhausted from packing a 16' Budget rental truck today, I leave tomorrow morning) But I will be back early July and I will tell my sisters story then.  Until then I will be missing ya'll! +HUGS+ off to see my hubby! -K.

Thursday, June 17, 2010

well friends.. it's upon me!

Only 4 days till my dad, step mom and I drive a 16' Uhaul 15 hours, which I am so so so so so freakin excited about bc it means at the end of that hellish drive I get to see MY HUSBAND!!!!!!!!! I am staying with him for 2 weeks! So don't bail on me when I become MIA, I promise I am coming back! These last 4 days are, as they always do, creeping by! But thats okay- creeping or not come Sunday I am off! I will miss you guys, sorry Reina I will miss my very own "live and learn" article on your blog! But click here to check it out on 6/21/10 !!!! Haha I am not advanced enough to schedule in advance blog posts like my friend Jac, but I promise to come back with tons of pics =)

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

sex and the city 2

well Me and my friend Brittany (not the same Brittany I posted about before) finally got around to seeing Sex and the City 2 (yeah I know we are SO late) but here are my thoughts: Miranda was SO much fun on this one, the entire time I was thinking I want to go out with THAT girl! She was adorable, which was nice considering the ride she had in the 1st movie! Charolette (my fav) tried to pull off being perfect as usual, but the moment she was in her pantry crying, seemed so real! and then Miranda totally gets her to let loose, loved it! Carrie, oh jeez, it was nice to see her and BIG working through run of the mill marital issues, but when she kissed Adian, omg....and then when she called BIG to tell him, I was hurting FOR him! yeh yeh I know I know, its just a movie haha! But I love 'em =) I could have done without the karokee  scene, I have never heard that song in my life and it was a low point for me! But Stanford and Anothy's wedding = too cute! Overall I really enjoyed the movie and hear they are going to make a third...awesome!

Monday, June 14, 2010

I was in a freakin wreck today

what a day..... I got rear ended but here is the kicker- you know the NFL football team the New Orleans Saints? Well there running back Deuce Mcalister lives here in my town and his wife is the one who rear ended me, she immediately called her attorney as if I wanted to sue or something.... but whatever! I'm not sueing! Ahe was nice though, apologized and everything! Anywho, aside a jacked up bumper and a sore neck all is well. Thought I would share my tragic yet random story!

Sunday, June 13, 2010

my beautiful baby neice!

my beautiful neice and my brother!

my dad and step mom with Evelynn * sorry I somehow didn't get my sis n law in a pic, she is beautiful though so it wasn't on purpose haha i love her!