Tuesday, September 7, 2010

the talk

So I talked it out with my Dad, he saw where I was coming from, agreed completely, but said that he could not just sit and wonder if he cut his brother off if that would leave him under a bridge somewhere to live a life of begging or to die. ( in Jackson its common for bums to live under bridges, beg for money, and harass you at red lights)  SO with that being said I told my Dad I was never going to be within a 50 foot radius of my uncle and that I never wanted to hear his name mentioned again, Dad said he understood and that was that. Will it continue to tick me off? oh sure..  But its not my call to make I guess, I did what I could and now I'm putting the drama and bull shit that is my uncle behind me! Thanks for the ear/advice gals!

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  1. Good for you!!!! I'm sure it was difficult, but I also bet you're glad to have that past you.