Sunday, March 21, 2010

Are you kidding me?

As a warning this post will be a bit of a vent, I woke up with flu like symptoms & barely got a wink of sleep! icing on the cake J. made me so upset last night! He is always saying things like that he misses me so much he feels like crying and etc, but last night i got all of 5 texts, he never called or anything? It's just so disheartening bc I feel like i rarely hear from him, other than text messages, and if he misses me so much I can't understand why he doesn't call more often? Now i realize the more time that goes by that we are apart the more sensitive i get, but I just wish he would make more of an effort! And I would've called but he was hanging out in the barracks with his guy friends and I just feel like he should be able to set aside a little time for me? Feel free to tell me if i am being irrational! but UGH! ps- still have to do laundry ha -K.

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