Thursday, March 25, 2010

feeling mega support!

alright i gotta say today i'm feeling super! i feel mega support of my fellow milspouses, something about knowing other women feel your pain & your joys is very comforting! thank you all, you each have a special place in my heart though i have never met many of you- its a special bond!


  1. Aww, I agree! Thanks for the note you left me... it's funny how just a little comment from a stranger and make you feel not so alone! I'll definitely check out the website you recommended... I think I'm already on their email list. I love the MilSpouse magazine and pick it up whenever I'm on base!

  2. No one understands like military wife! My husband leaves for Okinawa in June....without us. I started blogging to hopefully help me deal with it.

  3. so true!! talking with friends and family help, but no one truly understands like fellow military spouses!