Wednesday, March 24, 2010

day by day.... by day

Have you ever noticed (those of you who are also doing/ have done distance) that some days you go along just fine, you stay busy, you feel happy...things just go right. And then there are those days where it feels the time is CREEPING, you feel so lonely, so insecure, like you have no clue how you will get by? the pain of the emotional distance rollercoaster is not only felt by me, but also by my marine. I'm sure at times he thinks "what the crap? you were fine yesterday?" but the unfortunate truth is there will be good days, there will even be great days, but there will also be terrible days. Today i am having a good day- last night, not so good. Suddenly i became the most overwhelmed and insecure person, no clue what brought it on? But i do realize the more time that goes by the more sensitive i become. The key is too stay busy!! keeping my mind entertained has become a God-send! Just thought i would state the obvious today- distance sux! -K.

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  1. Hi! I linked to your blog from another Marine wife's blog. My fiancé is also a Marine and we've been doing the distance for the last 2 years (also close to 14 hours apart) so I understand your situation! Right now he's on his second deployment to Afghanistan. Hope you have a great week and semper fi!