Monday, June 14, 2010

I was in a freakin wreck today

what a day..... I got rear ended but here is the kicker- you know the NFL football team the New Orleans Saints? Well there running back Deuce Mcalister lives here in my town and his wife is the one who rear ended me, she immediately called her attorney as if I wanted to sue or something.... but whatever! I'm not sueing! Ahe was nice though, apologized and everything! Anywho, aside a jacked up bumper and a sore neck all is well. Thought I would share my tragic yet random story!


  1. Are you ok?! Hope you're doing well! Being in any accident no matter how small is scary!

  2. That sucks! I'm glad to hear you're ok though!

  3. Are you ok???? I sure hope so! I was in an accident a few years ago and it was so scary! How's the car?