Sunday, June 13, 2010

my beautiful baby neice!

my beautiful neice and my brother!

my dad and step mom with Evelynn * sorry I somehow didn't get my sis n law in a pic, she is beautiful though so it wasn't on purpose haha i love her!


  1. Your niece is gorgeous! My 15month old will not pose for a pic, she is too busy playing. I am a new army wife, so glad there are people like you in the blogosphere to keep me sane. My husband is currently in BCT and I started blogging...Musings Of An Army Wife Following you now! And added you to my Military Resources tab!

  2. Awww your niece is so cute!!

  3. Omg your niece is gorgeoussss! The dress she has one is what I used to wear when I was little, and what the type of dresses I would put on RL when she was a baby! And that's your step mom? She looks JUST like YOU!!!!!