Wednesday, July 14, 2010

i hate to run...

I am not a runner, i hate it. It borders on painful for me, but for whatever reason it's something I really wish I was good at. My husband, still in physical therapy for a shattered ankle (6 months ago), can STILL run 5 miles!Before the shattered ankle he could run 13 freakin miles! His PT told him he should work on jogging at home. So we went and I feel so embarassed that after 2 min of jogging I was winded... I was holding my husband back. I felt so out of shape, so lazy. I just dont get it. Am I not breathing right? do I have bad form? whats the freakin problem? I am literally ashamed at how out of breath and slow I am... uggggh. Acknowledging it makes me feel like a loser, ha but I'm gonna work on it!


  1. I'm the exact same way, I HATE running so much... I can go a mile now, but I'm really tired afterwards.

  2. It takes practice. Im the same way, I HATE running, but seriously ANYONE can do it. Its all about determination. Our minds hold us back more than anything. Your body can do 90% more than your mind thinks. Three things to try and remember when your running;
    1. build up, you cant just jump out and run 3 miles the first day, so dont get frustrated with yourself just keep pushing.
    2. Push past the pain. You wont get any better if you dont push past the pain and push yourself a little farther each day
    3. Breathing, a trick that works for me is measured breathing. Meaning I count in for four and out for four or three and three depending on how fast im going, just do your best to keep it even and dont let it get out of control. For counts, I count one for each step.

    Hope this helps!

  3. Haha..I feel the SAME way! I hate running. I really wish I could do it though. Just running around the yard with the kids, I feel like my butt is too heavy to jogg around. Is that weird? Am I the only one that feels like my butt weighs too much?

    My dream is to be able to go out and run with the hubs....I'm not sure when that will actually happen though.