Monday, July 12, 2010

my beach day!

omg so perfect! Turned out perfect that we didn't go on Saturday, Sunday was the PERFECT day for the beach- not a cloud in the sky! I got so much sun (the hubs may have gotten a little too much sun)! My lungs got a mega work out from blowing up rafts. Came home, ate pizza, watched a little HGTV together, hubs watched re-run of the World Cup final, then he fell asleep and I watched Army Wives (next week is gonna be a MAJOR tear jerker!!!!) Then I went to sleep as well, lately I have been grinding my teeth at night and always wake up with a headache. I tried the mouth piece and that was a no-go. So if anyone has a remedy PLEASE make me aware! As I type this I am also watching Regis & Kelly. Just sayin...they are so adorable!


  1. how long are you down here for? i want to plan a girls night SOON!

  2. my husband and I watch hgtv for hours!

  3. Here is all the contact info for links on lejeune]MCB Camp Lejeune

    L.I.N.K.S. Trainer: Harmony Hutman

    Telephone: 910-539-5994

    MCFTB Office Address:
    Marine Corps Community Services
    1401 West Road
    Camp LeJeune NC 28542-2539

    Click on the link below to see the local schedule:

    Keep calling until someone answers you. If you can get in touch with the FRO for hubs unit. You usually do have to register for LINKS but sometimes you can just show up. I looked on the site and didn't find the information so just call the number and our email the contact above. They have a great program so you should def go. Good luck let me know how it turns out. If you can't get any answers let me know and I will make some calls to my contacts.
    GOOD LUCK, so happy to see you getting involved it is so important!

  4. So I saw you on Semper Spouse and I just wanted to say Hi :) You and your Hubby are ADORABLE! I loved looking at your pictures on here :) my blog is