Friday, April 23, 2010


A 'Lil Bit 'Bout Ewe
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How do you like to relax?: watch movies
What goals would you like to accomplish this year?: FINISH SCHOOL!
What goals have you accomplished already?: hm, got half way finished with school!
Where do you feel most at-home?: with J.
What�s your idea of a good time?: we really like live music, mexican beer and i love shopping!
What is your idea of "roughing it?": HA, my AC was out for 3 weeks last month...
What is one word you�d use to describe yourself?: complex =)
What kind of music do you like to listen to?: just about anything! not a whole lot of country though
Do you play an instrument or sing?: i sing in the car thats about it
What is your favorite beverage?: diet sunkist
What is your favorite food?: sushi
Where would you like to travel?: we are beach people so somewhere tropical
Where is your favorite place to be/favorite time of day?: BEACH @ SUNSET!!!!!
What subject/s did/do you most enjoy in school?: every single one except Math!
What is your preferred form of creative expression?: DYI home projects haha
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  1. These are always fun! You should join in on the questions with formspring