Wednesday, April 28, 2010

help me plant a rose garden ladies!

I would LOVE each of my lovely blog buddies to leave me 3 pieces of marital advice, it can be small or major! & here is my dress!, excuse my messy messy room and me with no makeup! haha oppse!


  1. your dress is too cute!!!

    I really can't offer advice yet, a little over a month into it and I don't feel too wise. Always give kisses goodnight and don't go to bed mad! :)And my mom always says..."make time for picnics!"

  2. I love love love that dress! Where is it from? I have been married for nearly six months but have only seen my husband for four weeks so I am not in a place to give advice apart from love your best friend and soak up every second and memory that you have together : )

  3. Coming from a 6mo newlywed...

    Make compromises. Make time for each other. When you argue-make up, agreeing with "A Marine's Wife" don't go to bed mad!

    This might sound silly... but in all honesty talk about finances, make a budget. What debts/bills will be paid off in X amount of time, should you open a joint account, etc.

    When he gets home from work, don't bombard him with talk. Let him have 10-15min to just chill... these guys have stressful jobs! (this was hard for me to learn, I wanted to talk to him and know how his day was...)

  4. No advice...yet ;-) Still have a year until we head to the alter!

    But I Loooooooove the dress! I saw the picture before and I thought it was cute, but it looks A-mazing on you!!! Did the shoes come in yet?

  5. hey friends! you are all so freakin cute! my dress is XOXO the website doesnt have it anymore but i am sure you can find it on amazon! shoes- arent supposed to make it until the DAY before i fly out....nail biting....haha!

  6. I have my shoes down here if you need them!!!

  7. Well I dont have much advice because I have only been married for 4 months but Ill tr it anyway. Number one most crucial piece of advice (which I bet you have heard over and over already) is communication communication communication!! Especially in our military relationships! Number two is dont sweat the small stuff. Pick your battles and before you get mad or yell or talk or scream think to yourself "is this really worth it?" Most likely it probably isn't and will just cause you more stress. Number three is dont keep secrets. The ONLY secrets there should be are about gifts/ presents or suprises for him. I also agre with the first post about not going to sleep mad. I think this is not always easy but it helps our relationship. Plus I am impatient and want to fix things NOW! :)

    But I LOVE your dress! I am so happy for you! I cant wait to hear... and see (pictures) about your wedding!! :)

  8. Advice,'re making me think.

    If something truly bother you, tell him. He won't know, he can't read your mind, and left unattended, it will grow and fester. Just easier to tell him.

    It is fine to do things alone or with friends. You'll appreciate each other more if you aren't together 24/7. You don't have to spend every second together, but make the most of the time you do have together.

    Also agree with the financials. Be honest with each other, agree on goals, and keep a budget so both of you stay in line.

    Good luck and congrats!!! It's wonderful!

  9. your dress is so cute! your already glowing, too cute! marriage advice,hmm. you would think after 13 years of marriage i would have so much to say but i only have this....random acts of kindness,look as each day as another day you can fall deeper in love and to strenghten your friendship with each other and lastly remeber the feelings you had when you knew he was the one when you get fustrated with him or he does something that makes you want to knock him upside the head, it will make a difference. congrats again!!!

  10. I'm not married so I can't really help you on the advice front but I LOVE your dress!

  11. I'm in love with that dress!!!!! And you look so stinkin adorable in it!

    Okay, advise...

    Make sure you spend the time he is home, together and happy, because when they are deployed, you will only wish for another minute with him.

    Always, always tell him how you feel. He can NOT read your mind...even though we always want them too. Make sure you tell him how much you love him on a daily basis.

    And I guess the 3rd is just a tip: Leave him love his cammies, his car, his wallet...his lunch...and YES, I said lunch. You better make him lunch to take to work. He will LOVE that, because most wives DO NOT do that! You'll score HIGH for that one...he'll be able to brag about you while he's eating his ham and cheese sandwich with the other guys!

    I'm a new follower! I also have a military blog, it's called, Goodnight moon.

  12. I love that dress. It's beautiful!
    So here are my three pieces of advice! They're all pretty cliche but after two years of marriage, I've found the cliche advice I was given, was the most valuable.

    1.) Don't listen to the old advice, "Never go to bed angry." Sometimes pushing an argument when one or both people aren't cooled down enough leads to even more of an argument than before.

    2.) Chose your battles. Something are worth standing your ground and making a point...others are just nit picking.

    3.) Keep it spontaneous. Shake things up. When you feel like you're in a rut, surprise eachoher with something out of the normal.

    Good luck girl!!

  13. Karley,
    You look GORRGUUUSSSS (yes, I know I spelled that wrong, but I'm originally from CT.. so I had to type it like I'd say it~ ha ha). I am so excited for you... you must be getting chills.. and those chills you are getting.. are good chills!!! I can't wait to see pictures and find out every detail! I told you, May 8th is a perfect day.. it's when me and Brandon Layne met... ;-)

    So, here is my advice.. being married for 7 years (8 years actually together)....

    1. Remember that people do fight. It's how you do it that matters.

    2. Never take your spouse for granted.

    3. Have date nights!!!

  14. If he's about to deploy and he wants to talk to you about the possibility of his death, REALLY LISTEN. Don't nod your head and tune him out because it's hard for you to take. He's opening up in the deepest way a human being can.

    If he leaves the water running in the sink while brushing his teeth and it DRIVES YOU CRAZY, walk out of the bathroom with a little dramatic flippancy. Chances are he's continuously doing it BECAUSE it drives you crazy, at this point, and he thinks it's cute. Play into it a little, rather than actually getting mad. haha.

    Don't mistake his lack of letters, phone calls, or emails in the beginning of the deployment as a sign of nonchalance or lack of his commitment. They all deal differently. I don't care how many calls the other wife is getting, it's not THEIR marriage you're in.

    Sorry, mine are personal, but they're kernels of wisdom that have majorly improved my marriage, no matter how trivial they may seem. Congrats! You look gorgeous!

  15. OH, and Skinnie Piggie is SO SO SO right about what she said about bombarding him with talk straight home from work. I have found that NOTHING is more irritating to my husband. They need that crucial downtime. After a lot of hurt feelings, I finally listened to what he was saying.

  16. LOVE the dress. Sorry can't give any martial advice... YET. Still got a year to go... But I might be coming to you with pleas for wedding advice soon!