Thursday, April 15, 2010

love this song, the video is cute!

came across this and thought i would share with my lovely blogging buddies! though it's an Army video and I'm a Marine's lady..... we are one big family! Happy thursday all! -K.


  1. I love that :) It made me cry. And not just because of the "Army" part. Its funny you mentioned that about one big family. More of my friends are Marine wives and from certain ones I get a lot of attitude that "well, you're JUST an Army wife." Its actually going to be a blog post in the not so distant future :)

    Thanks for sharing that video! I had never seen it before.

  2. girl, someone needs to tell them to get a grip. no milspouse is better than another! period! i <3 you Army wife =)~

  3. Awwww that video reminded me of BL's deployment over to Afghanistan!!!! I love the two songs on it too! Thanks for sharing hon. Miss chatting with you. I have to email you back, I haven't forgotton. I've been sooo wicked busy omg!
    Ps.. GOOOO Navyy!! HA HA HA! I knew that would get ya. (HUGS!!)