Friday, April 30, 2010

8 days!

hey friends! Sorry i was a slacker and didn't post anything yesterday-  i had a freakin test and it didn't go nearly as good as I had hoped, but whatever, final coming up on Wednesday so just gonna concentrate on that. LOVED the marital advice and well-wishes =) so, i have another relationship targeted question- what is the thing that first attracted you to your significant other and is it still what gives you butterflies now? or has it evolved into something new?

for me what very 1st attracted me to J. (besides the way someone looks bc clearly you have to @ least think they are good looking) was his witty personality, he was and still is very funny, kinda sarcastic, flirty- and I still LOVE that about him and still find it very attractive!


  1. I agree you have to have some sort of attraction to the hubster... which are his beautiful blue eys! But other than looks it was his wittiness too. He ALWAYS knows how to make me smile! He is very unique. I always told him at work (before we were dating) that he is weird. He told me he preferred "unique" so then I told him he was a freak. Well out of hose three words we came up with his nickname/puppy love name... "wuf" stands for Weird-Unique-Freak. HE is my little wuf and I tell him I wuf him all the time!

  2. I'm not gonna lie, the first thing that I was attracted to was his tan. He had this amazing summer glow. Then his sense of humor won me over.

  3. Hey girl! Happy Studying :-) Only one week until the BIG day!!! AHHHH That's so exciting!!!! When do you leave?

    The first thing I noticed about my DF is how handsome he is!!!! But what really hooked me is how incredibly nice he is. He is just an extremely caring guy....and really family oriented. He's also a total dork at times. I'm a complete nerd most of the time, so its nice that we can be dorky/nerdy together :-)

  4. Hey, I'm a new follower :) My boyfriend is in the military.

    The first thing I noticed was how cute he was. What really got me was his personality...he was so funny. At the time, we worked the same crappy job, but different places. We shared our stories. After that, we started going out and the rest is history.

  5. Actually I was not attracted to Mike at first. With his tattoos and shaved head he was kinda scary looking. But he had a wicked sense of humor and his laugh was infectious. He also turned out to be really respectful to women and just had an awesome personality. And it still attracts me to him every day