Thursday, May 27, 2010

finally got some energy

I hate to admit this, but I'll be honest- I went to the tanning bed (yeah i know skin cancer alarms are going off everywhere) but it helped alot! And then I scrapbooked! yay! I will post pics but promise not to laugh, I am not a pro - far from it, this is my 1st ever scrap book! And I am not ashamed of it's ammature staus,in fact I find it endearing haha- hopefully the hubby will to =) *kisses* to those who listened to me gripe this morning!


  1. i love tanning....even tho it's bad!

  2. Just saw your post on Milspouse Mag! Great job!

  3. Ah scrapbooking... One hobby I could never get into! I was just really bad at it. Best of luck! As for the tanning, my skin cancer alarm was going off for sure!!