Friday, May 14, 2010

the monthly...

well ugh, its my time of the month and i have one of those monthly's that they prescribe you pain killers for your cramps, and you cry at just about anything,everything is so major. I am so freakin emotional and who am I taking it all out on? my brand new hubby. I caused this huge argument and then bc i am so darn stubborn, even when he was trying to fix it i just kept making it worse. He is a really understanding guy, so we are okay now. I am just so frustrated and feel so guilty for pitchin a bitch fit when we haven't even been married a WEEK yet! I know alot has factored into it, I had to leave him and come home after only 3 days of marriage, i am an emotional crazy lady right now, and i just in general suck at distance, and of course the hubs is so super busy! On an up note: today I am staying sweet and positive but I still feel the guilt and like he is frustrated & aggrevated. UGH K!


  1. Awwww....sorry you're having an icky monthly. I get the same way. I have uber bad cramps and I get crazy emotional. I don't get bitchy, per se, but I do cry A LOT....hehe. Its so weird how that happens!


  2. LOL you posted this and I was about to leave you some "marriage" advice on your post about Marriage advice.
    The best advice I ever got ..and it has been good advice because he were are 16 years later and still head over heels...
    The key to a happy marriage is only one of you can be crazy at a time!
    So there you have it and it looks like it is already in will be fine.

  3. Aww I am so sorry to hear that. I dont get cramps or moody anymore bc I get the depo shot and I LOVE it. But he should understand... most guys love to blame all our moodyness on that time of the month. Glad to hear you worked it all out!

  4. Awww I'm sorry for the bad monthly. Sometimes those can just totally uproot your emotions. I have those too and my future hubby gets completely driven away! Thank goodness our guys are understanding =)

  5. I have this issue however I take it out on the people I work with. LOL ok it's funny but it's not funny. I guess I just put up with the daily dealings and being a floor mat when it's not that time of the month. Let's just say my eyes seem open to the reality of whats going on that's not such a bad thing eh? it? *so confused* Well, better luck to all of us next month!