Thursday, May 20, 2010

old skool post

Lately i have been posting videos and today decided to go with the old skool regular rambling blog post =) In light of recent events on i STILL highly recommend ) I took note of how close i had grown to these women. Literally i joined when J. shipped to boot, I was lost and these women took me under their wing and "schooled" me on military life. Fast forward and now I myself "schooling" women who are in my the same position i was-(lost, confused, and intimidated) on how to cope with distance, find your place in the military , and a shoulder to lean on with each phase military life brings. I of course still need a shoulder, and the occasional guidance =) the thought of losing some of my new friends is heart breaking I pray does the right thing. Those of you who aren't members come SIGN UP!


  1. whats going on there?! I havent ben able to log on for days!!! I love that site, I came across the mag at the commissary where my DF is stationed, and registered right away on the site, and since then, its gotten harder and harder for me to log in... now i cant at all!!!

  2. You won't lose me.. I'm still on there! Ty for always being sweet and caring! "J" ha ha.. is very lucky to of married you! Love ya!

  3. heather you so the sweetest! Mrs. DFL i dunno? i havent had problems logging on, make a new name?