Sunday, May 2, 2010

6 days! holy cow!

6 days till i am a married woman, but only 4 days till i see my honey and i am OMG SO FREAKIN EXCITED!!!!!!!!!! He is all i can think about, and listening to how excited he is, is the most precious thing EVER. This morning he called talking about how yesterday alot of the guys brought their wives and kids to final formation and J. held one guys little boy and talked with him, and another guys little girl walks around giving every Marine a skittle (how stinkin cute)J. says he is so ready to start a family =) I am too, but i know we need at least a yr or 2 of just couple's time for ourselves! Gonna hit the books hard today and tomorrow, pray for my final haha! ps- welcome new reader! -K.


  1. I'm so excited for you, K!!!! You are sooooooo close! It is soooooo cute that J. is so excited, too! Are you guys going on a honeymoon?

    I'm almost 1 year away from my wedding day. My Mom and I are going to visit the Church and the reception location next week so I can take pictures of exactly what it looks like at this time of the year to send to JS.

    I wish you luck with your remaining finals....and I'll def keep you in my prayers :-)

  2. Awww too cute! I cant believe how close you guys are now!

  3. well since we are only eloping, my big wedding is next may so i guess we will take a legit honeymoon then, but we are taking a 2 day "honeymoon" to myrtle beach =) just went swim suit shopping last night! whoop whoop, i wont post any pics of swimsuits to avoid CrEePeRs! haha

  4. How exciting! I can't believe you're under the week mark!

  5. HAHAHAHA...I just saw you have another creeper comment! That's awesome.

    Well, at least you're having a mini-honeymoon now :-)

    I just talked to JS this weekend about our honeymoon plans, and it doesn't look like it will happen right away. He's going to have to take a good chunk of time off to get up here for the wedding, and then we're moving all of my stuff down to his house....its going to be a BIG move....hehe But, we plan to take a vacation/honeymoon within that next year.